How does a parternship with Crownstone work?

We all know that data is valuable. This is the reason that big online companies are adjusting their policies all the time to be able to hoover up data about your online presence. At Crownstone we consider data even more valuable. It is that valuable to us that we consider that you should be able to sell your data to the highest bidder. It should not be stolen from you as consumer!

On the other hand, we also do not want others to dictate what we should and should not share. If Max does not care about an insurance company knowing which electronic appliances he has at home, he should be able to share that data with that company and profit from it.

Key points:

  • data should be collected;
  • data should be stored locally, preferably on someone’s smartphone;
  • data should be shared if the owner profits from it.

Our technological choice has been such that the user is able to turn off the positioning. This means we won’t be involved in business models in which people will be forced to revealing their location.

Example: energy company

One of our pilots is with an energy provider who wants their customers to profit from the flexible pricing during the day. At certain times electricity is much cheaper than at other times. This is because current and demand is not properly matched. This is currently solved by using the conventional fossil fuel plants, a large component of CO2 production. The flexible prices are now invisible to the end customer. Moreover, even if you would know as a customer, you wouldn’t want to check for it all the time.

Enter, the Crownstone! It can automatically switch off devices when prices are low and switch them on when prices are high. The customer saves on his or her electricity bill and is sustainable at the same time! A smart home becomes even cheaper! In other words, a customer can start to sell “flexibility”. The exact timing when the boiler, fridge, or laundry machine is turned on doesn’t matter much. It’s basically free money!

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