The Crownstone operates as a dimmer for a select set of lamps. The Crownstone (1) can only dim lamps, (2) can only dim lamps below a 100 Watt, and (3) can only dim individual lamps.

The type of lamps that can be dimmed:

  • Incandescent light bulbs.

The type of lamps that still have to be checked for compatibility:

  • All types of LEDs.
  • Halogen lamps.

The type of lamps that cannot be dimmed:

  • Fluorescent lights.

Particular lamps we have tested

These are not necessarily recommendations, although there are beautiful lamps here! :-)

Classic Gold Rustic LED Bulb LED Spot LED Bulb LED Bulb

We have not encountered a LED lamp that is supposed to be dimmable without being able to dim it. Note that if a LED lamp explicitly states that it cannot be dimmed, this is indeed not possible!

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