Are you ready for an exciting internship?

Then check out our available internships and graduation projects! We’re a no-nonsense team (no long story about how great we are) and you’ll put your knowledge into practice at the same time that you enjoy learning!


Graduation projects

We have several graduation projects available. If you graduate at our place you will learn a lot about machine learning and working for a startup on artificial intelligence techniques does wonders for your resume. Please, only apply if you live in the Netherlands and in the context of a graduation project. Proficient English is required, but Dutch isn’t.


In-network localization

Crownstones can not only operate as iBeacons, but also as scanning devices that can localize anything that sends out BLE messages, such as wearables (Apple Watch, Fitbit, Jawbone, and also special watches carried by people with dementia).


Deep learning for Machines

Crownstones can monitor different types of devices such as machines, tools, appliances, etc. This allows them to recognize usage patterns. To do this properly advanced machine learning is required, hence deep learning!


Device Identification

Crownstones can distinguish devices based on a “footprint” of current and voltage levels over time. To do this properly advanced machine learning is required, hence deep learning!


Passive Presence Detection

It is possible to infer from Bluetooth disturbances alone that there are people around, magic! If you want to learn a lot about state-of-the-art signal processing, this is your project!


If a graduation position has been taken, this does not mean that all problems have been solved. These are multifaceted problems that require a lot of people to tackle. If something captures your interest, let us know!

Check the topics our current master students are working on


  • You’re studying at a European educational institute (non-EU is not an option).
  • The final project plan will be written by you and approved by your professor(s).
  • In case of a graduation project, it must be your master thesis.


The internships below are not necessarily tied to a graduation project. They range from a minimum of 3 months to 12 months. If one of them catch your attention, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us!

Power Monitoring

A nice assignment for an electrical engineering student at HBO level or beyond. Knowledge of Altium is required. You will learn to (1) design a simple board to read out smart meter data and to (2) design a complex board to measure power inductively.


If you have done the minor domotica at Utrecht, this is a perfect assignment for you. You’ll apply your knowledge about KNX to connect it with the Crownstone system. This would allow any KNX installation to make use of our indoor localization functions!

Microapp store

A new upcoming feature of Crownstone is that they can run code written using the Arduino environment. These are called microapps. People should be able to use microapps from others. For this, we need a complex frontend and backend. Ideal if you want to become a typescript expert!


Crownstone is integrated with Google Home, Alexa, and Home Assistant. Node-RED is a home automation platform that is used a lot internationally. The preferred way to incorporate it is by providing an MQTT interface and integrating with that.


The SmartThings hub by Samsung is a home automation hub that is sold as much as the Homey in the Netherlands. You’ll be integrating with this hub using the Crownstone cloud services. Bluetooth is not enabled on the hub, but who knows, maybe you’ll be able to convince engineers at Samsung to enable it as well!

Crownstone Communication

Create a professional style guide for internal and external use building on buyer personas, consolidating the brand’s value, and core principles, and establishing the brand’s voice.


Vocational internship

Crownstone is a recognized training company. This means that it is possible to do an internship at MBO level. You will learn a lot about how an innovative company like Crownstone operates. For us, it is important that you learn skills.

You can do some research into ease of use or do some work as a test engineer. Our internships at MBO level always involve accurate soldering. You can learn to perform patches with SMD components and to work electrostatically carefully. Many Human Technology students from the Techniek College Rotterdam have completed their internship with us.


Hall of fame

We had the pleasure of always working with people who have ambition and who proved that by their high grades! Explore our hall of fame to get an idea about the projects of our former graduates!