Jun 27 2018

iOS advertisements in the background

UUID broadcast screenshot

Mobile phone developers have a hard time to use iOS advertisements when an app goes into background mode. However, with Crownstones we can receive all kind of BLE messages over the air. It is possible to receive data from iOS devices. It just requires more in-depth knowledge. A perfect challenge for Crownstone!

You can find many developers stating this problem (and no solutions) on StackOverflow:

Somehow nobody started to actually look at the bits send over the air… People know that one iPhone can receive these UUIDs from another iPhone, so it is interesting that no one actually tries reverse engineering the “protocol”.


There is a so-called overflow area according to Apple documentation. More information can be found in this archive page about Core Bluetooth concepts. I’ve sniffed the packets over the air. You can read the details on github. What iOS does is broadcasting custom packages with particular bits representing UUIDs. For example UUID 3333 is represented by a bit going up in the BLE package.

04 3E 24 02 01 00 01 8C 91 A0 AD 8F 40 18 02 01 1A 14 FF 4C 00 01 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 02 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 D3

You see here 02 somewhere surrounded by zeros (preceding D3 the 8-bit RSSI value). Every UUID is one-hot encoded to a bit in this range. This will lead to collisions. You will notice that if you send 1001 by one iPhone and scan for 3333 by another iPhone you will receive the advertisements as if UUID 3333 is sent.

Note, you see that this message is sent as a connectable, undirected BLE packet. It is not a scan response. However, this is on iOS 10. On iOS 12 the type of the packet has changed to a scan response. This has quite an impact on the receiving side which now has to send out scan requests. Pity!


In the following figure is seen how reliable to advertisements arrive over the weekend. Three iPhones have been sending advertisements when the app was in the background. The first sending UUID 1000, the second sending UUID FFFF, and the third sending UUID 3333.

BLE advertisements in the background

Time is on the x-axis (over a couple of days). The interval between messages is plotted on the y-axis. You see that at times the intervals are a multiple of 0.2 seconds. The pictures are almost the same. The differences only become visible by zooming to shorter timescales. This means that this is an artifact from the laptop receiving the messages. The iPhones are broadcasting probably even more robust than this! Over the entire weekend the battery drop is like 25%, which has very likely to do with other things than broadcasting the BLE messages (checking wifi, movements, and other background processes).


You can download an application that runs on a computer with a 64-bit Linux operating system. You will need the following files.

To use install prerequisites, such as sudo apt install libbluetooth. Check with ldd ./lescan_crownstone in case you miss other libraries on your system.

Run the lescan_crownstone binary with a comma-separated list of UUIDs:

sudo LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:. ./lescan_crownstone -u 1000,3333,FFFF

Note that LD_LIBRARY_PATH only needs to be added when the linker cannot find the libble++.so.5 library in the local path.

Support / Disclaimer

For all people who want to know more… Or have particular issues with their operating system. We do not provide support for this functionality! If you cannot make it work, then please look somewhere online for help! We are extremely limited in time and need all of it for our open-source solutions at github. Thank you for your consideration!

27 June 2018

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