Bluetooth Asset Tracking

Crownstones are also able to scan for any Bluetooth LE device in a building.


You can use off-the-shelf Bluetooth tags attached to your assets and the Crownstones communicate over Bluetooth mesh the location of those tags towards a gateway. Subsequently, we work together with partners or customers to integrate this asset tracking information into your system or cloud.

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Benefits of asset tracking

reduce time

Reduce employee searching time

reduce inventory

Reduce size of inventory

asset availability

Improve asset availability


Increase efficiency and productivity

customer satisfaction

Improve customer satisfaction

Our technology

Crownstone offers a solution for indoor asset tracking


The signal strengths with which the assets are observed are communicated over Bluetooth mesh.

  • We support up to 32 Crownstones per hub.
  • We support up to 256 assets across all our hubs.

This all depends also on update frequency and latency. Please, contact us with the specific requirements for your application.


How it works

bluetooth tag
Bluetooth tags

Bluetooth Low Energy tags are attached to high-value assets. For example, wheelchairs, IV pumps in hospitals, and other devices.


Crownstones are configured with mesh security keys and a filter that defines which assets have to be tracked.

Crownstone hub
A Gateway

A hub is configured to obtain the encrypted data from the Crownstones and to send this data upstream to the cloud.

Why Bluetooth LE for asset tracking?

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Tags are very power-efficient. They are also low-priced and can be waterproof.


Bluetooth offers high accuracy compared to GPS. Allowing to track assets indoors.

ble tags

BLE tags can have many shapes: buttons, tiles, cards, etc.

Application areas

Health care

Collaborative workspaces



We can deliver additional support such as configuration within your backend or by providing a custom uplink towards your backend on a case-by-case basis. We can also provide you with a service level agreement for your application which defines monitoring services for our hardware or our services, includes updates of the Crownstone hub software, or implement other application demands.

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