Indoor positioning

It’s the ability of the Crownstones to know where someone is when carrying either a smart device or a Bluetooth tag. Crownstones use the position of these smart devices by measuring Bluetooth Low Energy signals. This makes it possible for the Crownstones to react to presence and proximity.


Requirements for indoor positioning

For Crownstones to perform indoor positioning the following is required:


  • We recommend one Crownstone module per 10 - 25m2
  • To have Bluetooth enabled in your smartphone or to carry a Bluetooth tag.

The basics

Broadcast distance


A Crownstone or tag can broadcast from 5m to up to 50m while still contributing to indoor positioning.




The more Crownstones, the higher the accuracy. As a rule of thumb, two Crownstones per room is sufficient for fingerprinting (see below).


Wireless fingerprints


The fingerprint classifier can learn to localize people per room. This is often more useful than so-called trilateration and an actual position in meters (or yards).




More Crownstones means fewer misclassifications which means algorithms can make their decisions faster.


Location and occupancy


Data provided through our API can give information about the location of a user, or provide information about the occupancy per room.



Crownstone supports at least four ways to integrate indoor localization.


Wireless fingerprints

The algorithms run on the smartphone. The integration of the Crownstone mobile fingerprinting SDK is moderately complex. Localization can be very accurate but is labor-intensive. It requires training the algorithm per room for different smartphones.


In-network localization

The algorithms run on the Crownstone mesh. The integration of the Crownstone mobile iBeacon SDK is relatively simple. Localization can be less accurate. This setup requires a hub to get the localization data towards your servers. This can also localize tags (no SDK required).


Crownstone as iBeacons

The default localization mechanisms on a smartphone are used. No Crownstone SDK is required. The Crownstones are configured as normal iBeacons. Localization accuracy depends on the smartphone libraries your developer use.

ble tag

Centralized localization

The algorithms run on a Crownstone hub or in the cloud. Proximity information is communicated over Bluetooth mesh to a hub. Localization in real-time might be challenging (expect multiple-second delays). This can also localize tags (no SDK required).

A complete solution

Along with our solutions we can also provide the following


Support for the app developers to integrate our SDKs.


Hubs and servers. We can provide hardware and cloud services. We can implement an uplink towards a custom interface on your backend.


Software updates and security patches for firmware over-the-air.

Software modules


We can provide monitoring or maintenance services about Crownstones, the Crownstone network, hubs, or other hardware if required.


We can build dashboards if you have no application partner.


We can build apps if you have no app development partner.


We can integrate with building automation or energy management systems.


We can directly integrate with Bluetooth sensors from any nearby Crownstone making any Bluetooth sensor part of your smart building.

Application areas

Workforce management

Workplace efficiency

Building automation


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