Crownstone has ample experience in:

  • Wireless connectivity (bluetooth)
  • Embedded development (firmware)
  • Analog electronics

Wireless connectivity

Come to Crownstone with a non-connected device and we will make it connected!


Crownstone preferably uses the nRF52 series by Nordic for a rapid ready-for-manufacturing (RFM) process. We provide in that case the bluenet firmware with mesh functionality, firmware updates over the air. The Nordic nRF53 series supports Bluetooth 5.1 Direction Finding, Bluetooth 5 Long Range, NFC, Bluetooth Mesh, Thread, Zigbee and the nRF9160 supports NB-IoT/LTE-M (using an eSIM).


Embedded development

Crownstone has a team of firmware experts that can help you out if your problems are truly tough!


You can find the bluenet firmware developed in-house online, which demonstrates our expertise with writing bootloaders, mesh firmware, firmware updates over the air, security, etc. Crownstone has firmware experts who are cross-disciplinary and have university degrees as mathematicians, machine learning experts, computer scientists, and electrical engineers.


Analog electronics

Crownstone has developed its own products with extreme miniaturization.


Our products integrate a power supply, LED dimmer, bistable relay, current and voltage measurement, and a series of protection measures in a very small form factor. We can do the same for you. If you need a power supply, or a low-energy solution, we can pack a lot in a very small package.


Application areas

Work with Crownstone will speed up your R&D tremendously if it also fits application areas we already cover.

Indoor positioning

Location applications

Asset tracking

Location applications

Energy monitoring

Power applications

Anomaly detection

Power applications