How does a partnership with Crownstone work?

Crownstone tech itself might be sufficient to build a solution for your particular sector. However, it might be the case that product development is in order. There are many sensors and actuators that can enrich our buildings, or our homes in particular.

We are in particular interested in product development that enriches our portfolio. This is the case for products that check (a few) of the following boxes:

  • It is an Internet of Things (IoT) product: hardware development as well as internet-connected and with potential for data analysis;
  • It is using forward-looking (smartphone-compatible) technology such as Bluetooth Low-Energy;
  • It is intended to have not just a few expensive devices, but the aim is to produce quantities of at least 200-1000 items.

The benefit of the Crownstone team is that we do not stop at a ready-for-manufacturing stage, but we continue to carry out also the tasks around mass manufacturing, setting up the supply chain, and bringing your operational costs down when going to larger quantities.

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