The Crownstone infrastructure can be used in smart offices for sustainability and communication.


Offices use a lot of energy even when they are not in use. Building labels become more and more stringent. Crownstone allows facility managers to:

  • Switch off office equipment (multi-functionals, coffee machines, televisions, electronic equipment) when nobody is around.
  • Switch off lights when nobody is around (and not when someone is still working).


There are a lot of tasks or activities within an office that actually have to do with knowing where to be or not knowing who is where. People lose time finding a desk to work, finding a meeting room, and even finding colleagues. Time that can be spent better.

  • Know if your colleague is working from home.
  • Know if your colleague is in a meeting room.
  • Know where your colleague is within the building.
  • Find an unoccupied meeting room.
  • Find a desk.

Note that this is not always “fixed” by calling or texting your colleague. They can be in an important meeting. Moreover, it can be bad for productivity to be interrupted by your colleagues.


The Crownstone infrastructure can stream position information from smartphones and wearables to the internet.

Crownstone Infrastructure

The Crownstone infrastructure can use four sources of data about the whereabouts of people or assets:

  • Smartphone apps. The position of someone is pinpointed by an app on a phone.
  • Beacons. The position of assets that have a beacon attached to them is estimated by the Crownstone network.
  • Wearables. Especially in elderly care, the position of someone is estimated by pinpointing a wearable.
  • Sensors. The presence of someone is detected by PIR or motion sensors.


The Guidestone is a simplified Crownstone (shop) that works as an iBeacon and comes with indoor localization capabilities alone (it is not a switch, dimmer, etc.). The benefits of the Guidestones above ordinary battery-based iBeacons:

  • A short advertisement interval means frequent updates and thus faster localization.
  • A high signal strength means more beacons visible through walls that are difficult to penetrate which increases localization accuracy.
  • Indoor localization algorithms on the phone (there are a lot of parties that use only proximity to beacons for localization, this does not work, you need to use machine learning).
  • The Guidestones can be updated at all once from a central location because they are all inter-connected through a mesh.
  • The Guidestones are able to scan for Bluetooth LE (Bluetooth Low-Energy) devices. This means that they can scan for the presence of people carrying bracelets, watches, or any other device that sends out regular Bluetooth LE messages. They can even track iBeacons!

The Guidestone product is interesting for business partners who want to focus on indoor localization and want to have something that is plug and play. Note, however, that Crownstones are the infrastructure that you would like to have in place for the long term.


Currently Crownstone partners with consumer partners, application partners, and product partners. Crownstone is positioned as a provider of hardware and services. These services concern indoor localization and automation.

Crownstone Partners

Moreover, Crownstone has particular tools and applications for flexible working that allows our partners to directly perform sales without a co-development project. For other verticals we provide partners with APIs and libraries to build their own value-added proposition to a particular market segment.


Crownstone is a platform provider. Our resellers provide these services to their customer segment. Our partners provide additional services on top of ours for example for elderly care, offices, or facility management.

Crownstone Recommended Partners

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