Comfort Kit

Promo: € 45,- per month.

We all know the scenarios in which you have your hands full with groceries, or dirty while you’re doing the dishes, or if you have kids asking for your attention. It’s not necessary anymore that we also have to think of lights, energy savings, if things are still turned on, if Sammy can play with the iron, or Tommy with the microwave.

  • Crownstones (built-in devices behind power outlets they are out of the way)
  • Thermostat valves
  • Alexa/Homey integration

“Never come home in a dark and cold house!”

The Crownstone comfort kit makes it possible for your home to seamlessly adapt to your presence. Nowadays we have to switch on and off lights when we enter a room. This is not necessary anymore! We can just walk around with a smartphone or any smart device like an Apple Watch, Fitbit, Jawbone, etc. and the lights react automatically to our presence!

Moreover, you will never need to come home in a cold house if you add thermostat valves to each thermostat. If you don’t mind coming home in a cold home, for example after biking, think of the morning. If it is super early, it is so nice to wake up in a warm room! And why would you want to heat your entire house if you can have heating per zone. Of course, your house will need to know where you are, hence Crownstone indoor localization tech is required!

“Watch channel 4 on TV!”

Currently technology is quite “pushy”. Wouldn’t it be great if tech would silently help us and we can live with less interruptions during the day! With a Crownstone you can sent someone a message that will only arrive when someone enters a particular location! If your mother enters the living room, you can recommend her to watch a television channel. If your children enter the kitchen, you can tell them to look into the fridge for food! Even for your friends. You want to meet up some time, but perhaps you don’t want to bother them during the day. Just sent of the message and your friend gets a message in the living room. Time to socialize!

“You are not alone!”

Sometimes the small things matter. Does your grandmother never call you because she is afraid to bother you? What if she knows that you are relaxing and it’s fine to call you? You’re not at work, you’re not making dinner, you’re just watching television. Crownstones can be synchronized across households. It is very easy to signal with a lamp at your grandmothers place that you entered the living room or any other type of activity. She will feel much more connected and wouldn’t mind to pick up the phone anymore!

“It’s gonna rain!”

Lights can be light to signal simple helpful facts. You want to catch a train at a particular time? Set an alarm with your lights! You want to have a certain signal in the hallway to take your umbrella with you? Set a rain alarm in the hallway! It is possible to use the Philips Hue for these kind of alarms, but why buy an expensive lamp if you can do it with your own ceiling lights!?

“Wake-up gently”

A Philips Wake-up light can be used to gently wake up in the morning. This can also be done with your normal ceiling lights! Never waking up rudely by that annoying sound of your smartphone alarm. That sound that will not even understand that you took a train early and shocks the entire coupé.

“Alexa, turn off the television!”

Of course, we can switch off devices ourselves physically. The Crownstones now automate a lot of that. However, in practice the world might be slightly in the middle. We would like to be lazy and correct our smart home when we want to. That’s where voice recognition comes in. It is really nice to enter your home and say “Alexa, some relaxing music please!”. Likewise, at times you do not want to enter or leave the room to interact with a device, you just want to tell it to shut up!


The Crownstones will come with free delivery and installation worth € 100,-. There will be a free cloud service as well. Plus a 2-year warranty on parts and services.

Product information

The Crownstones come with a hub that can be attached to the wall and which allows you to check if a device has indeed been turned off to give some piece of mind.

Crownstone hub

You can control your home devices with our own smartphone (iOS) or (Android), but most importantly it automatically reacts to your presence.

The app can be used comfortably up to 10 users.


The Crownstone services of € 45,- per month for 24 months, can also be paid by a one-time payment for € 1200,-.


There are many smart locks on the market. This is one way to get rid of another item that have to be carried along. The current locks however cannot always cope with the fact that your smartphone might run out of juice. As soon as this is solved by a manufacturer, we will gladly incorporate that lock in our infrastructure!

“Never deliver when someone isn’t home!”

If Crownstones get more widespread it will become possible to reuse data about the location of people (if permission has been granted) to make sure delivery services only deliver items if your home.

“Never forget something anymore!”

A service like Trackr uses smartphones to track BLE tags. This is a function that can be performed by Crownstones as well. Anything that you do not like to lose can be equipped with a BLE tag. The more people join this service the wider the network that allows you to find your possessions again! Of course, prevention is better than a cure. A warning that you’re forgetting a bag, a laptop, a purse might can be super relaxing! That you can find back your bike after it has been stolen is hopefully less often necessary!

Crownstones now available at the shop.