Company history

Crownstone, founded in 2016, is a company that combines indoor localization with building automation for homes and offices.

Crownstone went through the Rockstart ( accelerator (demo day July 2016). We acquired a large network of business contacts, have a scrutinized business model and it ranks our company as a potentially disruptive and scalable player.

Crownstone has support from Almende as research company and from Almende Investments as investor. This guarantees that Crownstone can produce beyond state-of-the-art technology and has enough budget to grow organically.

Crownstone’s unique selling point is indoor localization. This has not been capitalized upon by any competitor in the home automation market, and only a few in the building automation market.

There are already many people that have bought Crownstones. They can be ordered at

Product information

The Crownstone smart plugs and connectors save energy automatically when there are no people present and act according to the personal preference of people when individuals are present.

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Frequently asked questions

Q. Do I need to be close to a Crownstone to control it?

A. If you have multiple Crownstones they form a mesh network. If there is one Crownstone in your proximity they can forward the information to the entire network. It is also possible to control the Crownstone from online by leaving a smartphone or tablet at home.

Q. How accurate does a Crownstone measure my position?

A. A single Crownstone has an accuracy up to three to eight meters, just like an iBeacon. By using multiple Crownstones, the location becomes more accurate. If also the sensors on the smartphone itself are used, submeter accuracy is feasible. Our current software aims for room-level accuracy (around 1.5 meter or 5 feet).

Q. What devices does the Crownstone recognize?

A. The Crownstone measures both voltage and current. This allows it to measure not only power consumption, but also the type of load. Motors and transformers are reactive. Lights and heaters are resistive. The Crownstone also measures the current at a high frequency. This type of data characterizes a device. The types of devices the Crownstone can distinguish are lamps, fridges, electrical kettles, smartphones, and laptops, for example.

Q. What is the protocol used by the Crownstone?

A. The Crownstone uses Bluetooth Low Energy. This technology is directly available on a contemporary smartphone. The Crownstones can directly be controlled from your smartphone without the need for a hub. Moreover, the location of your smartphone can be used to turn off devices when you leave a room or turn on the lights when you enter a room.

Crownstones are available at