Crownstone uses your mere presence and proximity (indoor localization) to control lights and devices in the home or office environment. Crownstone brings a wide range of apps to the smart home. One of these apps disables dangerous devices when adults are not around bringing child safety to the next level. Crownstone provides indoor localization to businesses on its hardware-as-a-platform.

What can the Crownstones do for you at home?

  • It's a switch, a dimmer, a power monitor, and a standby killer at once. Only getting rid of standby power consumption saves an average household 10% on the electricity bill. That's already 70 euros each year!
  • It does not need you to fiddle around on a smartphone. You can switch on devices automatically by just entering the room with the smartphone in your pocket or at your ear! It's ultimate comfort!
  • It's a smart child-lock. It is impossible for your kid to switch on a dangerous device like a blender, a grill, or an iron, if you're not right there.
  • It's a wake-up light or a go-to-bed light. No need to buy fancy products for this. Your normal lights can wake you up in a friendly manner.
  • It can be configured with a holiday setting to prevent burglary. The lighting will go on at the evening, as if you're at home.

And you'll definitely have to check the scenarios!

Play around!

Get a look and feel by playing around with the Crownstones models here!


The Crownstone is originally developed for a Kickstarter project. We were on many European news sites, raised more than 70.000 euro, and it really kickstarted our business in many ways (being accepted in the Rockstart accelerator for example). Some of the features of the Crownstone you can watch in this Kickstarter promo.

A sneak preview

An early version of the Crownstone. It uses Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) which is currently supported by many smartphones. It allows people to opt-in for services provided at the location at hand. No secretive tracking!


For detailed specifications, see the Specification page.