Crownstone uses your mere presence and proximity (indoor localization) to control lights and devices in the home or office environment. Crownstone brings a wide range of apps to the smart home. One of these apps disables dangerous devices when adults are not around bringing child safety to the next level. Crownstone provides indoor localization to businesses on its hardware-as-a-platform.

What can the Crownstones do for you at home?

  • It’s a switch, a dimmer, a power monitor, and a standby killer at once. Only getting rid of standby power consumption saves an average household 10% on the electricity bill. That’s already 70 euros each year!
  • It does not need you to fiddle around on a smartphone. You can switch on devices automatically by just entering the room with the smartphone in your pocket or at your ear! It’s ultimate comfort!
  • It can dim LED lights. A conventional dimmer can often not dim LED lights so they are completely off.
  • It can be used simultaneously with a light switch (using switchcraft).
  • It is a scheduler that is aware of the local time zone, for example to set a porch light to be on when it’s dark.

Moreover, it the coming time, it can do more and more:

  • It can be a smart child-lock. It is impossible for your kid to switch on a dangerous device like a blender, a grill, or an iron, if you’re not right there.
  • It can be a wake-up light or a go-to-bed light. No need to buy fancy products for this. Your normal lights can wake you up in a friendly manner.
  • It can be configured with a holiday setting to prevent burglary. The lighting will go on at the evening, as if you’re at home.

Scroll down to see if new functions became available recently. And you’ll definitely have to check the scenarios!

Indoor positioning

Bluetooth Low Energy positioning can be fairly accurate. It all depends on the number of Crownstones you use! See in this below video clip how we move a smartphone in a miniature house from room to room and you see how the picture moves accordingly.


The Crownstone is a device with many functions. If only picking one function, it already compares favorably to the competition:

Brand Switches 16A LED dimming Wake-up light Energy monitoring Standby killer Device identification Presence sensor
Fibaro switch
Fibaro dimmer

Crownstones are very affordable, check the shop. Already just a LED dimmer can be more costly than buying a state-of-the-art Crownstone with many more functions.

Play around!

Get a look and feel by playing around with the Crownstones models here!


The Crownstone has been originally developed for a Kickstarter project. We were featured on many European news sites and in general this really kickstarted our business in many ways (being accepted in the Rockstart accelerator for example). Some of the features of the Crownstone you can watch in this Kickstarter promo.


For detailed specifications, see the specification page.


The current Crownstone iOS and Android apps have the following functionality. Every couple of weeks a new update is rolled out:

Functionality State Soft­ware
Instantaneous power measurements
Reacting on close proximity (tap-to-toggle)
Reacting on moderate proximity (presence)
Reacting on room-level indoor positioning
User-controlled upload of data to the cloud
Send commands through the internet
Visualize other users in the app
Dimmer (also LED)
Send a nice message to someone on entering a room
Simultaneous use of ordinary light switch (swichcraft)
Wake-up light
Power consumption history
Integration with Toon
Integration with Alexa
Integration with Google Home
Integration with Home Assistant
Integration with Homey
Device identification
Integration with thermostat radiator valves
Multi-user setup (don’t leave user in the dark)
Personalized user profiles
Arduino Support on the Crownstone
Hub (for centralized collection of energy usage)
In-network positioning (in the Crownstone mesh)
Indoor positioning of wearables

Not only the Crownstone app will be updated. Also the firmware on the Crownstone themselves. A nice example of another company that brings a lot of firmware updates is Fujifilm. Look at this list of impressive updates that are so significant that it feels like you own a completely new camera! We will always have a few features under the radar that hopefully will make you feel the same!