How to get Crownstones?

You can get Crownstones in four different ways. You can buy them directly in the Crownstone webshop. You can also find them through other online stores. You can get them via our Smart Home subscription which includes installation. Finally, you can get Crownstones in your new house through a real estate developer.

To buy or to subscribe, what to do?

When to buy Crownstones and when to go for a subscription? To make that decision we recommend you to consider the following

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Buy the product when...

  • You want to start the experience with a few Crownstone units
  • You don’t mind taking care of the installation
  • You have already some experience with smart home technology

Get a subscription when...

  • You want the full experience with multiple Crownstones
  • You don’t want to worry about the installation
  • You would like to benefit from our referral discounts

Find Crownstone in your favourite store

You can find the Crownstones products in the following webshops

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