Property Specification
Switching Devices Up to 16A (domestic use)
Dimming lights LEDs (certain types) on 110V/240V or incandescent light bulbs
Measuring Current and voltage (5kHz)
Overview Energy usage (real-time for now)
Timer function Timer functionality
Communication Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 4.0 and up
Tracks Smartphones
Tracking accuracy 1.5-4.0 meter
Maximum range 20-70 meter
Proximity detection Requires 1 particular Crownstone “in sight”
Room-level presence detection Requires 4 Crownstones in sight (not necessarily per room)
Switchcraft function Simultaneous use with light switch (with tiny adaptation)
Network Bluetooth Mesh connects Crownstone-to-Crownstone
Chipset Nordic nRF52832, 64 kB RAM, 512 kB FLASH
Beacon function iBeacon
Soft-fuse function Limit extreme currents or switch off with unexpected behavior
Temperature function Switch off with extreme temperatures
Dimensions (Crownstone Builtin One) 51x46x13mm (LxWxH), 40 gram
Dimensions (Crowstone Plug) Round, fits in sockets of type C, E, and F, 80 gram
Open-source Software available at https://github.com/crownstone
Mobile phones supported iOS and Android
Hub Not required. Optional (coming soon)
Battery Not required!
Variant: plug https://shop.crownstone.rocks/products/crownstone-plugs
Variant: built-in https://shop.crownstone.rocks/products/built-in-crownstone

This is just a list on the very basic functionality. Take a look at the technology page for other features that we are working on.

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