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Crownstone elevates your IT ecosystem with cutting-edge bluetooth technology. Our technology has a wide range of applications. From asset tracking in hospitals to monitoring energy consumption for preventive maintenance of high-value equipment. We thrive on engaging challenges that allow us to harness the power of our technology and implement innovative solutions. Got an intriguing challenge? Reach out to our team of experts!



Crownstone’s technology is versatile, allowing us to cater to a diverse range of companies through software development and services. Explore some of the application areas of our technology below

Indoor positioning

Crownstones pinpoint the location of individuals using Bluetooth tags or smart devices by measuring Bluetooth Low Energy signals. This enables to react to presence and proximity. Applications of indoor positioning include healthcare for patient tracking and smart buildings for improved security and automation.


Asset tracking

Crownstones scan for Bluetooth LE devices within a building. Attach off-the-shelf Bluetooth tags to assets, and Crownstones use Bluetooth mesh to communicate tag locations to a gateway. BLE asset tracking offers cost efficiency, enhanced security, scalability, and future-proofing.


Energy monitoring

Crownstones extend their functionality to include energy monitoring on device level. Operating within a Bluetooth mesh network, they broadcast energy-related metrics such as current, voltage, power, and power factor to a central hub, facilitating data collection for further analysis.

energy monitoring

Wireless alarms

Crownstone offers companies already providing alarm systems to enhance their product portfolio with our technology. Our solutions are tailored for technology providers in sectors such as mental care, elderly care, and the general office sector.


Our latest projects

Local Cloud

One of our latest interesting developments has been the support for a private cloud option. Using the cloud installer we have implemented a solution at Green Energy Park which sends energy and power data toward a Priva installation from a local hub. Installation of such hubs is now a breeze!

green park

Bluetooth asset tracking

Crownstone developed a Bluetooth-based asset tracking system together with our partner Blyott. This system saves money for the healthcare industry by reducing purchases and search time. One major advantage for our customers is that because we use Bluetooth mesh, we do not depend on security-critical Wi-Fi infrastructure. The Bluetooth mesh is entirely self-sufficient.


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