From consumers to businesses!

Crownstone has changed course. Our services will focus on OEMs and business-to-business. This brings consequences to our consumer products which are no longer for sale. However, consumers won’t be left out in the cold. Below you can find more information regarding the future of our consumers, business partners, and research projects.


Crownstone Community

Although our consumer products are no longer for sale, our consumers won’t be left out in the cold. We at Crownstone have come up with a strategy, which is the Crownstone Community. People within this community are volunteers, and this is what you can expect from it:

It can be found on this discord server, and it will handle support questions


The community will maintain the code base of the product line at GitHub


The Crownstone cloud has been centralized on a single TransIP server. The Community will perform the related dev op tasks


The Community will also maintain the Crownstone apps for Android and iOS



Crownstone’s technology is very broad, which means that Crownstone can cater to a variety of companies with either software development or services. Below you can find some application areas of our technology

Our latest projects

Local Cloud

One of our latest interesting developments has been the support for a private cloud option. Using the cloud installer we have implemented a solution at Green Energy Park which sends energy and power data toward a Priva installation from a local hub. Installation of such hubs is now a breeze!

green park

Bluetooth asset tracking

Crownstone developed a Bluetooth-based asset tracking system together with our partner Blyott. This system saves money for the healthcare industry by reducing purchases and search time. One major advantage for our customers is that because we use Bluetooth mesh, we do not depend on security-critical Wi-Fi infrastructure. The Bluetooth mesh is entirely self-sufficient.



There are quite a few projects at Almende in which Crownstone technology plays an important role in the coming years

DAIS project


DAIS (Distributed Artificial Intelligent System) is a pan-European project bringing faster, more secure, and energy-efficient data processing solutions through the development of edge AI software and hardware components. The ability of Crownstones to run microapps with custom code allows for implementations of in-network localization and application identification in a distributed manner.


Passive presence detection


Crownstone and Gociety are collaborating! Crownstone is responsible for the development of a new compound sensor system for the detection of unusual behavior in households of people with dementia. Microapps that propagate data from wireless senior wristbands to a phone (and alarm center) have been developed, and state-of-the-art research is being done on device-free detection.




This project focuses on developing methods to leverage big data from smart meters, BMS, and IoT devices, to reduce energy consumption, increase comfort, respond flexibly to user behavior and local energy supply and demand, and save on installation maintenance costs. Power and energy visualizations among others powered by Crownstone data are part of the project goals.


Our partners


Peet van Tooren

Peet van Tooren

For B2B technical questions

Teresa van Dam

Teresa van Dam

For project questions

Jan Peter Larsen

Jan Peter Larsen

For commercial questions

Michiel van Dis

Michiel van Dis

For commercial questions