New! Crownstone Labs designs your smart products.

Your presence makes a difference

Your home sets your lights automatically at your desired level, so you never come back to a dark home. Make any socket and any ceiling light smart by adding a small building block, a Crownstone!


Welcome Home!

Crownstone lets your home react to you. Lamps, ceiling fans, and space heaters can detect your presence through your smartphone and turn on automatically!

Make any light smart

Crownstone modules can be placed behind outlets and ceiling lights! Not only can the light be of any shape or form, but the light switch will be still operational as well. This is thanks to our so-called “switchcraft” functionality! Moreover, the Crownstone modules use the presence of your smartphone to figure out whether you’re in the room. That’s how it makes your lights truly smart!



Crownstone turns on the light in the living room when it is getting dark. It only does this when you are actually there!

A Crownstone runs apps!

A Crownstone is like a miniaturized smartphone. There are many apps and functions on it and new ones every month! From a twilight mode to energy monitoring, there is something new to discover every time!



Turn your lights and devices on or off



Automatically dim your lights at night



Switches keep working



Dim LED lights as well


Indoor positioning

Lights and devices react to your presence


Energy monitor

View your energy consumption per device in real time

Start selling smarter homes

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