Welcome to Crownstone

Crownstone, the revolutionary product that allows anyone to turn their house into a smart home. Using Bluetooth Low Energy, the Crownstone combines indoor localization with device recognition. With the Crownstone you can increase your comfort and safety while reducing your power consumption. Upgrading your house has never been more easy or affordable!

Your presence turns it on!

The Crownstone recognizes your presence via Bluetooth through your mobile device. When entering the house or room, Crownstone notices you and automatically turns on. No longer will devices be on stand-by unnecessarily when you're not there!

Crownstone Plug

The Crownstone plug has a sleek, round design that fits into any European power-outlet. By keeping the aesthetics modest we've ensured it can visually blend in with any interior in any home.

Easy to Install

One of the major benefits of the Crownstone is that it's easy to use. Our built-in version can be built behind any power outlet, and our plug-in version only needs to be plugged in. By using the accompanying app, controlling and monitoring your power outlets has never been easier!

Built-in Crownstone

Next to our plug-in version, we also offer a built-in version. It's so small it can fit behind any power outlet. This way you can upgrade your house invisibly, while still getting the same comfort and safety as with the plug-in Crownstone.


By using indoor localization to determine your presence, it doesn't just turn on when you're near, it also turns off when you're away. Not only does this reduce your power consumption, it also doubles as a child-lock. Knowing your child can't accidentally turn on a dangerous appliance when you're not in the room, increases the safety of your home and your peace of mind.

Smart Buildings

Besides being used in personal housing, Crownstones can also be integrated in public buildings such as hotels and nursing homes. There are many ways in which home automation can be beneficial for a multitude of enterprises. Crownstone aims to make this available to everyone.

What can I use it for?

Because the unique combination of indoor localization and device recognition, Crownstones are multi-purpose devices. For example, it can act as a switch, a power monitor, a standby-killer, a child-lock device, a wake-up light, a dimmer and much more!

The examples are further described in the form of scenarios.