Our Vision

Crownstone designs and manufactures indoor positioning hardware for truly smart buildings.

In the future the market of indoor positioning will be larger than that of outdoor positioning (GPS)


Our homes and offices will never be smart if they do not know where we are!

Every device will get a chip, in particular power outlets and lights


There are many more power outlets than smartphones in the world. A smart home company which solves the smart outlet puzzle will provide billions of chips per year, will automate billions of human acts per year, and will save billions in energy costs per year.


Our core values

Saving time


Crownstone automates, so people have more time.


Quality time


Crownstone brings comfort, so people have an enjoyable time.




Crownstone is privacy-focused, so people’s data remains people’s data.


Our background

Crownstone has been originally developed by DoBots, has as seed investor Almende Investments, is part of the Rockstart accelerator, and launched as company on the 20th of May 2016.


We have a very transparent manner of operation. A lot of information about us can be found online, such as the Kickstarter where we raised over 70.000 euros for the Crownstones, our blog, where we give you a lot of insight into our projects, and our github repositories.