Research projects

There are quite a few projects at Almende in which Crownstone technology plays an important role in the coming years

DAIS project


DAIS (Distributed Artificial Intelligent System) is a pan-European project bringing faster, more secure, and energy-efficient data processing solutions through the development of edge AI software and hardware components. The ability of Crownstones to run microapps with custom code allows for implementations of in-network localization and application identification in a distributed manner.


Passive presence detection


Crownstone and Gociety are collaborating! Crownstone is responsible for the development of a new compound sensor system for the detection of unusual behavior in households of people with dementia. Microapps that propagate data from wireless senior wristbands to a phone (and alarm center) have been developed, and state-of-the-art research is being done on device-free detection.




This project focuses on developing methods to leverage big data from smart meters, BMS, and IoT devices, to reduce energy consumption, increase comfort, respond flexibly to user behavior and local energy supply and demand, and save on installation maintenance costs. Power and energy visualizations among others powered by Crownstone data are part of the project goals.