Enhance asset management with our asset tracking solutions

Crownstones can track any Bluetooth LE device in a building.

Attach off-the-shelf Bluetooth tags to assets, and Crownstones use Bluetooth mesh to communicate the location of those tags to a gateway providing real-time visibility into asset location. Asset tracking enables businesses to streamline workflows, optimize resource allocation, and make informed decisions, ultimately driving greater productivity and profitability.


Reduce employee searching time

Reduce size of inventory

Improve asset availability

Increase efficiency and productivity

Improve customer satisfaction

How can asset tracking help?

real-time asset visibility reduces lost and theft

Improved Asset Visibility

Gain real-time visibility into the location and status of assets throughout their lifecycle, reducing the risk of loss, misplacement or theft. This allows for easy identification of asset location, whether they are in storage, in transit, or in use at a job site.

asset tracking enhances operations by enhancing workflow efficiency

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Asset tracking streamlines the process of locating and accessing assets, reducing the time spent searching for tools or equipment. This improves overall workflow efficiency and allows employees to focus on their core tasks.

minimize inventory costs and asset purchases

Cost Savings

By reallocating underutilized assets to areas of higher demand or by maximizing asset utilization, businesses can reduce the need to purchase additional assets, saving on capital expenditures. In addition, labor costs associated with manual tracking methods are reduced as well.

asset location data enables informed business decisions

Data-Driven Insights

By providing data on asset usage, maintenance history, and performance metrics, asset tracking systems enable businesses to make informed decisions about asset management, resource allocation, and process optimization. This leads to more efficient operations and better business outcomes.

personalized location-based services

Preventive Maintenance

Implement proactive maintenance schedules based on asset usage data to prevent costly breakdowns, minimize downtime, and prolong asset lifespan. This ensures that assets are available when needed, increasing overall productivity.

Why to use BLE for asset tracking?

power-consumption icon

Low Power Consumption

BLE technology is designed for efficient power usage, enabling prolonged battery life for tracking devices


Wide Compatibility

BLE is widely supported across various devices, providing seamless connectivity and integration options.

ble tags


BLE tags are typically more affordable compared to other tracking technologies



BLE asset tracking systems scale effortlessly to support various assets and devices


Precision Tracking

Bluetooth offers high accuracy compared to GPS. Allowing to track assets indoors

real-time tracking

Real-Time Monitoring

It provides real-time visibility into asset location, enabling proactive management and enhanced security

Explore some of our use cases

Reducing search time and operational costs for hospitals

Crownstone, in collaboration with our partner Blyott, has created a Bluetooth-based asset tracking system that is generating cost savings for the healthcare industry. This solution minimizes expenses and search time by efficiently tracking assets, resulting in enhanced operational efficiency and financial savings …


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