Full-time positions

We have several positions available! We’re a no-nonsense team (no long story about how great we are) and you’ll feel home within a few days! Just check for example the internship descriptions to get a feeling for how challenging and rewarding working at Crownstone can be! Even more so for a full-time employee!


Your role will be to convince large market players (energy, insurance, utility, and telecom companies) to provide cool services and products to their customers. Cool services based on the new tech developed at Crownstone, such as indoor localization, appliance recognition, etc. In our company you will have a lot of autonomy, from identifying low-hanging fruit, tailoring the market proposition, to control over marketing material. You’ll work daily with Anne to make all this a success story!

Electrical engineer

Apart from the products we have developed we have multiple products in the pipeline that extend the smart home or leverage our expertise in Bluetooth products or allow us to improve our indoor localization and device monitoring offerings. We work together with a lot of Dutch and international companies for productizing and mass production. Expertise in this respect will definitely be a plus! In our roadmap are products such as a 3-phase switch of the Crownstone and an IoT version (4G LTE/NB-IoT) apart from third-party products that neatlessly fit our roadmap.

Software developer

We have many interesting opportunities for ambitious developers. It’s not just coding a front-end! Crownstone is foremost searching for a developer who is experienced in embedded development. You can find more at a dedicated page to our software challenges.


You want to play a significant role in an innovative company! You like to establish the strategy for internationalization, don’t mind enrolling in promising subsidy programs, and are excited about thinking about funding and mutual beneficial collaboration with venture capitalists and international companies… In that case, drop us a note!



Crownstone is always looking for talented people with expertise in embedded programming, artificial intelligence, machine learning, or statistical physics. If you send us a motivation letter with links to past projects on github, or have done Kaggle competitions, this is a big plus! We have just one requirement:


For an internship we have the following requirements:

  • It must be a graduation (master thesis) project.
  • You’re studying at a European educational institute (non-EU is not an option).
  • Final project plan will be written by you and approved by your professor(s).

For the topics our current master students are working on, see the team page.

Open applications

You’re welcome! If you have an interesting story that is :-)

Graduation projects

Please, only apply if you live in the Netherlands and in the context of a graduation project. Proficient English is required, Dutch isn’t.

If you graduate at our place you will learn a lot about machine learning and working for a startup on artificial intelligence techniques does wonders for your resume.

And, no, we are not afraid to use Lego or Arduino if that helps us with prototyping! :-)

In-network (mesh) localization

Crownstones can not only operate as iBeacons, but also as scanning devices that can localize anything that sends out BLE messages, such as wearables (Apple Watch, Fitbit, Jawbone, but also special watches carried by people with dementia). Localization of these devices is very challenging!

Deep learning for Machines

Crownstones can monitor machines, tools, appliances. This allows them to recognize usage patterns. To do this properly advanced machine learning is required, hence deep learning!

Deep learning for Device Identification

Crownstones can distinghuish devices based on a “footprint” of current and voltage levels over time. To do this properly advanced machine learning is required, hence deep learning!

Passive Presence Detection

It is possible to infer from Bluetooth disturbances alone that there are people around, magic! If you want to learn a lot about state-of-the-art signal processing, this is your internship!

Note that if a graduation position has been taken, this does not mean that all corresponding problems have been solved. These are multifaceted problems that require a lot of people to tackle. If something captures your interest, you should get in contact!

Hall of fame

We had many master students graduating over the years. We had the pleasure to always work with people who have ambition and who proved that by their high grades! Anne will help you further if you are not certain if something fits or you require more information. Look at our hall of fame to get an idea about the projects of our former graduates!

Companies which captured the interest of our graduates are tech companies like ASML, Facebook, Amadeus, consultancy clubs like ORTEC, ARUP, to startups in AI, from Signal Ocean, Sense Observation Systems, to stealthy ones you won’t see on any LinkedIn page.

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