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We have several positions available! We’re a no-nonsense team (no long story about how great we are) and you’ll feel home within a few days! Check our full-time positions and get to know how challenging and rewarding working at Crownstone can be!


Full-time positions

Crownstone is always looking for talented people with expertise in embedded programming, AI or machine learning. If you send us a motivation letter with links to past projects on GitHub, or have done Kaggle competitions, this is a big plus! We have just one requirement: a European work permit (non-EU is a bureaucratic nightmare and noncompetitive).


Electrical Engineer

In this role you will help us developing products that extend the smart home, leverage our expertise in Bluetooth products or allow us to improve our indoor localization and device monitoring offerings. Some of these products are a 3-phase switch of the Crownstone and an IoT version (4G LTE/NB-IoT) apart from third-party products that seamlessly fit our roadmap. We work together with Dutch and international companies for productizing and mass production. Expertise in this respect will definitely be a plus!


Sales Engineer

Your role will be to convince large market players (energy, insurance, utility, and telecom companies) to provide cool services and products to their customers. Cool services based on the new tech developed at Crownstone, such as indoor localization, appliance recognition, etc. In our company you will have a lot of autonomy, from identifying low-hanging fruit, tailoring the market proposition, to control over marketing material. You’ll work daily with Anne to make all this a success story!


Embedded Software Engineer

If you like embedded programming, this is the perfect challenge! Do you also like to work on algorithms? Even better! Do literature research, create a simulator, prototype your algorithm in Python, test your theories and finally implement your features in the Crownstone firmware! There are many challenges like improved indoor localization, in network localization, device classification, mesh traffic optimization etc. Our firmware is written in C++ and is open-source.



You want to play a significant role in an innovative company! This is the perfect position for you if you would like to establish the strategy for internationalization. In addition, you don’t mind enrolling in promising subsidy programs, and you are excited about thinking about funding and mutual beneficial collaboration with venture capitalists and international companies… In that case, drop us a note!

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Open applications

If there are currently no job openings that match your interest, you can send an open application. We’re always open to hear interesting stories!