Jul 24 2015

Students and the Crownstone

We have been not so talkative on the DoBots forums lately, because we are working a lot on a very new product, the Crownstone! The Crownstone will be launched in a few weeks on Kickstarter! If you want to be one of the early birds, go immediately to http://crownstone.rocks!

The Crownstone is a smart power outlet that can react to your proximity as well as recognize devices, lights, appliances, based on their consumption pattern.

Students from the Hogeschool Rotterdam have been exploring a wide diversity of possibilities that the Crownstone opens up. Below you see a wall with very short clips with people explaining in Dutch what their project was about. Each of the projects has also a website linked to it.

  • Team 1 developed ChildLock. Devices are only turned on when adults are in proximity.
  • Team 2 worked out Green Stone. A hotel visitor gets information about being green using technology.
  • Team 3 developed Start VR. Virtual reality that allows you to picture your own furniture in an Ikea store.
  • Team 4 introduced Never Lose. Lights indicate for elderly people where they have lost items with iBeacons.
  • Team 5 used Crownstones to indicate the way to store employees.
  • Team 6 worked on Tommy. An AI that analyzes patterns of daily life to combat loneliness.
  • Team 7 developed Any Morning. Your phone using the Crownstones guides you to your morning routines to make you leave your home on time.
  • Team 8 invented Crowns and Kingdoms. A game that uses energy savings measured by Crownstones to be able to build your assets faster in your kingdom.
  • Team 9 played with Benergy. In a student house the energy bill is brought down through awareness by Crownstones which directly results in more beer!
  • Team 10 implemented Tipspromenad. Kids have to find objects in Ikea combined with solving puzzles for fun!
  • Team 11 developed SpotOn. In emergency situations lights indicate how to flee a building.
  • Team 12 thought about using ambient lights and scents to attract people to parts of a store.
  • Team 13 developed Ikea Bump. By bumping a phone a product will be in your virtual cart and people are led to the right place in the warehouse.
  • Team 14 experimented with ideas on cleaning hotel rooms.

The following is a video wall with a project member of every team very briefly and on the spot explaining what their project is about. It is in Dutch, but feel free to ask for any details. We will be happy to pass them on or explain them in more detail ourselves.

Of course, these little clips don’t do right to what those students have been doing. Definitely check out their websites to see much better movies and material they have created around their concepts!

24 July 2015

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