Revolutionize your space with our advanced indoor positioning system

Elevate your indoor experience by harnessing the potential of indoor positioning technology.

Location data serves as the cornerstone of smart buildings, facilitating efficient resource allocation, enhancing navigation, and boosting user experiences. Crownstones play a pivotal role in providing this essential location data, whether individuals carry smart devices or Bluetooth tags. Furthermore, indoor positioning systems enhance safety measures by facilitating emergency response systems and ensure efficient space utilization through data-driven insights.

smart buildings with positioning systems
precise and efficient space utilization

Enable precise and efficient space utilization

optimize layouts with indoor positioning technology

Optimize layouts

effective allocation of resources with indoor positioning systems

Allocate resources effectively

increase productivity, safety and security with indoor tracking

Enhance overall productivity, safety, and security

reduce operation costs with indoor tracking

Reduce operating costs

How can indoor positioning help?

room level accuracy more precise than GPS

Accurate indoor navigation

Bluetooth indoor positioning offers precise room-level accuracy, facilitating navigation in large indoor spaces like airports, hospitals, and universities, where GPS signals may be unreliable. This enables users to find their way to medical appointments or locate lecture halls with ease.

space utilization is improved

Efficient Resource Management

Facilities can enhance resource allocation by analyzing space utilization and identifying areas for improvement. For example, switching off heating and lighting in unoccupied areas not only reduces operational costs but also benefits the environment.

safe and secure working environments due to real-time location of employees

Provide safety and security

Indoor positioning with Bluetooth is used for emergency response systems, helping to locate individuals in distress within a building quickly. Consider individuals who work alone in vast spaces or workers who are frequently exposed to hazardous environments.

location data allows analytics for strategic decision-making

Data for analytics purposes

Indoor localisation provides valuable data on foot traffic patterns, popular areas within a building, and customer behavior, which can be used for strategic decision-making and improving operations.

personalized location-based services

Target customers effectively

Businesses can deliver personalized, location-based services or promotions to customers based on their proximity to specific areas or products within a store or shopping mall.

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Why incorporating positioning systems is crucial for your buildings?

buildings worldwide with location systems

By 2025, about 70% of new commercial buildings worldwide are projected to adopt location systems.

roi increase due to implementation of indoor positioning system

Businesses implementing positioning systems anticipate an average ROI of 300% within the first three years.

energy savings in smart buildings

Adopting location systems is predicted to yield a 20-30% average energy reduction in smart buildings.

increase security with localisation systems

Implementation of location systems is projected to reduce security incidents by 25-35% in smart buildings.

increase employee productivity

Smart buildings with integrated location systems can increase employee productivity by up to 15%