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The Crownstone app is the software that belongs to hardware that can be bought at The Crownstone is a revolutionary product that allows anyone to turn their house into a smart home.

When you enter the house or even an individual room, Crownstone notices you and automatically turns on devices or lights that are plugged into it. You immediately save money on your electricity bill, but moreover, you don’t need to reach for a switch if it’s dark or if you’re carrying groceries.

The Crownstone sports both indoor localization and device recognition. The indoor localization is used to detect if you’re in a certain room to increase comfort. It uses the Bluetooth Low Energy on your device (smartphone, smart watch, or fitness wristband for that). The device recognition can be used to increase safety. For example, when you’re not in the kitchen, a dangerous device like a blender cannot be turned on by your 4-year old!

So, note that you have to buy the hardware, the plugs or builtin Crownstones, at to be able to make use of this app!

Basic concepts

The Crownstone app is designed in such way that the guide on how to use the product is integrated in the app.


The AI on your phone and the Crownstones has to be taught. Your first action is to give him or her a name. Afterwards you will have to teach your AI. For example, he or she doesn’t know where your living room is located. If you have four or more Crownstones you will get additional functionality in the app that gets unlocked that allow you to teach about your living room. For that your AI will ask you to walk around.


One basic concept the Crownstone app introduces is the sphere. A sphere is a loosely connected group of Crownstones, a little bit like a circle on Google+, a page on Facebook, or a list on Twitter. A very logical sphere is your home. Another logical sphere is your office. However, nothing prevents you from defining a sphere that is not confined to a single physical space. Access rights are defined on the level of a sphere. This makes it easy to give other people access to select groups of Crownstones that you own.



Download the iOS app from the Apple App Store.


Download the app at the Google Play Store.


We’re working hard on adding all of the features in our vision to the Crownstone app! We will update the app every few weeks with new functionality! You can find and vote for features on our roadmap!