Crownstones react to your presence and can turn on the lights when you enter the room automatically! Now you can overrule their behavior by Alexa voice commands. For example, tell Alexa to dim the lights when you want to watch a movie to create a nice atmosphere! You need physical Crownstones to make this happen. The Crownstones can be bought online.

It is easy to start to use Alexa if you have Crownstones:

  • First, install the Crownstone app on your phone. The app runs on iPhone and Android devices.
  • Register yourself in the Crownstone app and remember your username and password.
  • Configure Crownstones in the app and give them nice names that are easy to pronounce.
  • In the Alexa app, enable the Crownstone skill and fill in the username and password you previously created for Crownstone.
  • The names given to the individual Crownstones in the Crownstone app will be the ones you can use with Alexa.
  • You can control the Crownstone devices now via voice commands.
  • You need a smartphone or tablet with the Crownstone app near the Crownstones.
  • If you want to control the Crownstones remotely, install the Crownstone app on a tablet or second smartphone and leave it at home. It now functions as a hub!

Technically, this is what will happen when you say “Alexa, turn on the living room light”. The voice command is recognized by Alexa, it then goes to the Amazon servers, initiates a request to the Crownstone cloud, sends a push message via Apple/Google to your iPhone or Android device, which will then control the Crownstones.

If you don’t have Crownstones yet, you can get them at the webshop. If you like to know more about this type of technology, subscribe to our in-depth smart home email updates.

Enjoy your voice-controlled home!