The Crownstones are IoT (Internet-of-Things) devices that can be used to collect big data. At Crownstone we believe that data is the property of their owner and that it is valuable. Hence, people should be able to collect data and be able to profit from it.


There is a lot of data that can help in building functionality for people. Some types of data are logical in for example healthcare settings, other ones can be useful for everybody. In the Crownstone app streaming this type of data to a cloud server is always opt-in. Only when a person actively enables the corresponding switch in the privacy settings, this type of data becomes available to other services.

Data type Description
Position data Mobile phones localize themselves using BLE, GPS, or Wi-Fi
Position data Presence of wearables is known through BLE
Device use data Time of day that devices and appliances are turn on/off
Power usage data Power used by devices
At home data Presence of people at home
Television data When people are watching TV, how long people are watching
Kitchen appliance data When people are using microwaves, blenders, etc.
Fridge data When people are putting things in the fridge
Light state data Which lights are turned on when
Bedroom data Sleep patterns, when to go to bed, how long to sleep
Electric tools data Presence of drills, sawing machine, etc.
Appliance state data A fridge uses more when there is ice buildup
Appliance failure data An appliance can be broken or almost broken
Power load data Too much laundry in the laundry machine, decalcification
Appliance lifetime How long particular devices last
Type of device Which types of devices are present


There are many services that will be built on top of this data in the (near) future.

Service Description
Delivery Delivery of packages should be synchronized with when someone is home
Alarm service If an older person stays in the bathroom, there might be something wrong!
Alarm service If an older person wears a wearable, anomalies can be detected
Insurance Save money by reducing risks for the insurer
Social borrowing Borrow electronic tools (see Peerby)
Insurance Have lights act as if you’re home when you’re on holidays
Social services Messages per living room, kitchen (e.g. Foursquare, but indoors)
Sustainability Turn off all devices that use power in standby mode
Energy pay-per-hour Pay only for use (e.g. EnergyZero)
Balance the grid Provide flexibility in the grid (e.g. Sympower)

Companies can become partners to use data for these or other purposes. Note that the applications have to be such that the end-user profits from it, so they like to opt-in for your service.