Crownstone for energy monitoring

Crownstones can also perform energy monitoring per device


Crownstones form a Bluetooth mesh and can broadcast energy data towards a hub where it can be collected. This energy data includes current, voltage, power, and power factor.

bluetooth mesh

Why to do energy monitoring?

Maximize energy savings


Continuous energy monitoring provides on average energy savings of 12% and it can be as high as 30%


The first step to reducing CO2 emissions


As of January 2018, energy monitoring is mandatory for many companies under the Environmental Management Act


Make informed energy management decisions


Access to energy data helps to detect changes in the energy consumption to take further actions


Comply with energy-saving regulations


As of July 2019, companies and institutions with an energy consumption above a certain threshold, must take all energy-saving measures with a payback period of 5 years or less.


Our technology

Crownstone offers a solution for energy monitoring


The energy data broadcasted towards the hub contains samples per minute.

  • The hub can function as a bridge toward the servers of our business partners. In that case there’s no need to hit our API’s
  • The software on the hub can be updated remotely to keep it secure and improvements can be committed (e.g. in bandwidth or accuracy).
graph power monitoring

How it works

Devices to monitor

Select the devices you want to perform energy monitoring from. The more devices are included, the more accurate the total energy consumption will be.

built ins

Crownstones are placed behind the power outlets in which the devices are plugged. Crownstones form a mesh and broadcast energy data towards a hub.

A Gateway

A configured hub can send the data directly to the servers of our business partners. Further treatment of the data is performed by our partners.

Application areas

Health care




We can deliver additional support such as configuration within your backend or by providing a custom uplink towards your backend on a case-by-case basis. We can also provide you with a service level agreement for your application which defines monitoring services for our hardware or our services, includes updates of the Crownstone hub software, or implement other application demands.

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