Crownstone saves you time

We like you to save time rather than spend time on your smart home! Here are some ideas and tips for the “hands-free” use of your lights and devices!



The sunset scene turns on the lights for you when it is getting dark. Of course, it does only turn on the lights based on your presence!

Safety first!

Turn off outlets when you, the adult, are not around! Sure, you won’t forget to turn off your iron, but knowing that no one can play with it in a dangerous manner means peace of mind!


Nighttime bathroom

Your wall switch will dim the lights at night. This is a nice combination of our switchcraft functionality with so-called twilight behaviour.

Christmas time!

Turn on your Christmas tree lights when you are in the living room! You can set a smart timer to automatically turn it on after sunset as well.



Trigger a go to bed time for your kids by switching the television off after their favorite program. Secretly, we use this for ourselves as well… Ceiling lights turn off at midnight; time to go to bed!

Coming soon!

We’re constantly adding more functions to the Crownstones so they become smarter over time! Coming soon: the Crownstone as a wake-up light. Use your normal ceiling light to simulate the sunrise in the morning!