Everyday use of the Crownstone

Small daily tasks can sometimes create a lot of hassle. Crownstone enables you to run things more smoothly. Use one on a lamp as a wake-up light to start your day, or as a night-light that subtly goes off when you go to bed. And no more wondering if you turned off your curling iron or toaster: now you have the peace of mind to know there are no devices left turned on or on stand-by if you’re not at home.

Safe at home!

We all want our home to be a safe place, especially if we have kids. Crownstone can function as a child-lock. Though we love to always keep an eye on our kids, it’s not always possible, they are so curious! Crownstone can turn off devices that can be dangerous for kids when you are not there. When you leave the room it can be set to turn of a particular outlet. The iron, curling iron, toaster, electric kettle, will be turned off as well. In this way, Crownstone can make sure that such appliances only work when you are in the room.

Slightly different is the following setting. Only allow a dangerous device to be turned on when you are in the room. It will not automatically turn off when you leave. Now you can control that devices are always turned on while you are present. After that, you don’t have it accidentally turned off while leaving the kitchen for a while.

Saving energy

With Crownstone you can get insight in your energy usage, by allowing you to monitor your power consumption through your mobile device. Crownstone is also able to identify appliances based on their energy consumption. It recognizes your TV, your fridge, etc. so it knows which appliances can or can’t be turned off. This means it can automatically turn off devices that don’t need to be on stand-by, saving you energy and money.

Smart home

In this day and age, almost everyone owns a smartphone, a tablet and/or a laptop. A lot of the devices we use on a day-to-day basis are equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. By allowing these devices to communicate and work together, we can use this connection to support us in our daily lives. Crownstone aims to simplify and enhance your life by using IoT to smarten up your home.

Smart care

Even though your grandparents may not carry their smartphones around with them, Crownstones measure power usage of all the devices they are connected to. By comparing the power usage patterns with those it has learned are normal, you can be alerted when a major divergence from the normal usage is detected.


Wouldn’t it be nice if you don’t have to worry about leaving something on when you leave the house, or setting the mood the way you want it with a quick touch on your phone? Crownstone empowers you to make your home reflect your mood, turn any light into a soothing sunrise in the morning and save energy while doing so!

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