Crownstone Hardware

Crownstone modules detect your presence through your smartphone to figure out in which room you are. This way your smart home reacts to you!


Make any light smart

Crownstone modules can make any light react to your presence! Standing lamps, ceiling lights. The shape, size, or form does not matter!


Keep your wall switch!

A Crownstone can be placed at the ceiling light. Your wall switch will still work! This can be done by a small adaptation at the switch, called switchcraft. Finally, you can have smart lights that can be controlled by a normal switch!

Monitor the energy usage per device

You can see real-time energy usage in the Crownstone app. It is possible to inspect the usage per device!


Dim your lights at night

Crownstones can dim your lights when they are turned on after sunset. This is called twilight behaviour. Yes, this works again with your conventional light switch.

Crownstone reacts to your voice

You can simply ask Alexa or Google to turn on the lights for you.


Crownstone is also a stand-by killer

Placing a Crownstone behind a set-top box* can save you on average €30 a year on your electricity bill. 

*check the power consumption of other devices in this calculator

Installation made easy

The installation of Crownstones can be done in three different ways. It can be done by an installer. It can be done by Crownstone, part of our smart home subscription. It can be done by yourself (DIY).