Who are we?

The best way to show who we are is with a little video!

You can follow us as a team on Facebook and Twitter! And you can follow individual team members on Twitter as well, like Hans, who loves enterpreneurship, Peet, who supports many crowdfunding projects, or Anne, who can't stop talking about robots and artificial intelligence.

Apart from work, if you're into martial arts, drop Bart a message. Peet likes everything that involves audio and Alex is into 3D animations.

Where are we?

Crownstone is a startup from Rotterdam which brings together indoor localization with home automation.

Stationsplein 45, unit d1.118
3013 AK, Rotterdam, the Netherlands
KvK: 66065208
BTW/VAT: NL856381111B01
phone: 0031103073955 / 010-3073955

How to get there?

Crownstone is housed in the beautiful Groothandelsgebouw at Rotterdam Central Station (parking for and direction by car). We recommend to come by public transport, it's at the station!

Plan my journey

Plan your return trip with Rotterdam Central departure times. Count two minutes walking through the Groothandelsgebouw.


Crownstone is originally developed by DoBots, has as seed investor Almende Investments, is part of the Rockstart accelerator, and is a company since 2016!

We recommend that you scroll through the website and the blog to know what the role of our products can be in a business-to-business context. Indoor localisation has wide applicability apart from use at home, including (informal) care, flexible places at work, and preventive maintenance.

We have a very transparent manner of operation. You can find a lot of information about us online, such as the Kickstarter where we raised over 70.000 euros for the Crownstones, our blog, where we give you a lot of insight into our projects, and our github repositories.

You can find here also a press kit with high-resolution pictures.


The Crownstone team is extremely well versed in a wide variety of skills. We have all been to Dutch or international universities and like challenges above anything else!

It is easy to contact each of us individually. Just use our first name and attach @crownstone.rocks at the end.

Anne van Rossum

Anne van Rossum CEO

"Robots have emotions too"

Peet van Tooren CTO

"Dubbelgeschroefde flensmoeren."

Alexander Weisz COO

Bart van Vliet Software developer

"No internet, early in bed!"

Marc Hulscher Hardware design

"Tie-wraps zijn hier geen overbodige luxe!"

Alex de Mulder Designer & Software developer

"Why not?"


Crownstone is advised by Hans, a successful entrepreneur and investor in the Rotterdam region.

Hans Abbink

Our current master students

Feel free to contact them as well, to get some other insight into Crownstone. Again, use their first name and attach @crownstone.rocks at the end.

Reka Hajnovicsova

Reka Hajnovicsova TU Delft, DoBots

Carrying Robot for Elderly

Jasper Makkinje

Jasper Makkinje Utrecht University

Deep learning for device identification

Riccardo Bellana

Riccardo Bellana Utrecht University

Deep learning for daily activity recognition

Andreas Sofos

Andreas Sofos Erasmus University

Device-free presence detection


Our most recent interns, who perform a wide range of tasks. They help people with advice on Crownstones, test all kind of smartphone variants, organize hackathons, building a booth for trade fairs, desoldering and soldering electronic components, product assembly, and much more.

Bart Versluis

Bart Versluis Techniek College Rotterdam

Mourad Fattouch

Mourad Fattouch Techniek College Rotterdam

Tim Prins

Tim Prins Techniek College Rotterdam

For a nice overview of past employees and interns, who have worked on robotics and wireless sensor networks at Crownstone, our sister company DoBots (robotics), or our mother company Almende (scientific research), take a look at our hall of fame!

Really, go there! :-) There is lot of interesting research and perhaps software you can use yourself!