Crownstone makes residential real estate a lot smarter!

Smart home technology has a great impact on the real estate industry not only because it upgrades the comfort and security of a property, but also because it makes a property more sustainable. Real estate developers start to add home automation products to their list of standard offerings across projects. With Crownstone, you can also be one of them!

Benefits of home automation

Home automation attracts valuable buyers


Smart home technology is a relevant factor to buy a home by 81% of smart device owners.


Home automation increases the value of a property


According to the National Association of Realtors, the price of a property can be boosted by 5%.


Home automation sells faster


Homes with smart tech not only increase their value but also sell 33% faster than homes without according to real estate agents.


Home automation helps with sustainable goals


Smart home technology makes a property more sustainable, as it becomes more energy-efficient, which allows buyers to obtain more attractive mortgages.


Crownstone in real estate projects

You can find Crownstones in real estate projects such as “Smart Villas”


Why buyers want to have a smart home?

The next generation of homeowners is coming


For millennials, technology plays an important role in their lives. In the first quarter of 2019, 43.8% of all homes sold in the Netherlands were bought by people under the age 34.


The need for energy efficiency


Smart home technology helps homeowners be more energy efficient by turning on devices only when needed. Smart energy & lighting is the second most appealing reason to install smart homes.


Smart technology is the new norm for convenience


A smart home is a milestone for convenient living. It gives users more time to spend with their loved ones or on their hobbies. 81% of home buyers say they’d rather buy a home with smart home products already installed.



Installation of the Crownstones can be easily done by an installer. You can also use the installation service from Crownstone.