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Crownstone makes your residential real estate a lot smarter! There are quite a few reasons to incorporate smart homes strategically (from this report):

  • Home automation is something that attracts valuable buyers.
  • Home automation being present is a relevant factor to buy a home by 81% of smart device owners.
  • Home automation increases the price of the property by 5% (according to the National Association of Realtors).
  • Home automation, done for the user, will be worth thousands of euros for 72% of the home owners.
  • Home automation, when present, sells 33% faster according to real estate agents.
  • Home automation can be seamlessly combined with sustainable goals.
  • Home automation, when sustainable, allows buyers to obtain more attractive mortgages.

There are also other benefits that can be capitalized on. Using a 3D model, it is nice for your website visitors to play interactively with the lights as if they are already living there! This will definitely be shared through social media! The very first moment that your customers will step into their homes, should have a wow effect! Yes, nice materials, a nice view, it is all important. However, nothing beats a home that actually welcomes you!

You can find Crownstones in real estate projects, such as “Smart Villas”.

Smart Villas

Smart Villas


There are a couple of take-aways for the installer. You can also use the installation service from Crownstone.

  • The Crownstone is as easy to install as a kroonsteentje (two wires in two wires out).
  • There is no neutral wire required between the light switch and the light. See the switchcraft installation description.
  • The house can be configured with a smartphone app.
  • The Crownstone smartphone app is so easy to use that the users will be able to do everything themselves.

We’re convinced that having a solution that can also be used for retrofit, we will, in the end, have a market share that is larger than products that are only meant for new construction.


Your users will get functionality as described in this brochure or far more extensively on this website itself or on the blog. Some examples:

If there are particular integrations required for your users, we can make this happen at Crownstone!

Crownstone brochure

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