Toon is a smart thermostat which is very popular in the Netherlands. It is a device created by Quby and you get it for free with a four year Eneco contract. You can read more on the Eneco website.

If you have been browsing the site you know the main feature of Crownstone, namely that it is able to pinpoint your location indoors. Per room you can have different things done for you. For this you need a sufficient number of Crownstones because information of multiple of them is required to get an accurate estimation.

If you have only a few Crownstones you have also already interesting information. Basically they function as a couple of sensors that can tell another system if you are home or not.

The Toon thermostat has the possibility to set a weekly schedule about when you will be home and when you will be away. Crownstone adds location information towards this function. Normally, if you would schedule the thermostat you will configure it like “turn off at 8 o’clock in the morning”. This will be done perfectly. However, at times, things are not so regular. You might want to stay for a few hours in the morning for the delivery of a package. You might be working from home for a day. You might be under the weather and decide to stay home after all.

Toon within the Crownstone app Toon within the Crownstone app Toon within the Crownstone app

It would be convenient if Toon recognizes that you are still home! This is exactly how Crownstone works with Toon! Rather than turning off the heating, it will stay on when you decide to stay home in the morning. Only when you leave your home the standard schedule will kick in. Using the Crownstone cloud we will make sure that this also works if you have multiple people in your household! It will even work in the very rare case where you have multiple Toon devices!

Super convenient if your life is a bit irregular!