Crownstone Default Logo

The following logos can be downloaded (see styleguide below).

  • A black logo with text in Adobe Illustrator format.
  • A black logo with text as svg.
  • A white logo with text as svg. Use only when there is a colored background.
  • A black logo as svg. Use only when the brand name is already clearly presented.
  • A white logo as svg. Use only when the brand name is already clearly presented and there is a colored background.

Do not use a colored logo! The black logo should always be the prefered logo. Only use the white logo if its necessary.


Crownstone Styleguide

There are the usual considerations, just a few:

  • Use a black logo on a white background, especially on products or material that does not benefit from color.
  • Logo is white on a blue background in the case where the logo really needs to pop out.
  • Do not use the logo in any color. The logo is either black or white.
  • Use bands over the full width, do not use a circle around the logo.
  • Only use a few colors in supporting photographs and use brand colors.
  • The brand colors are a shade of blue, #003e52, and the complementary shade of orange, #ff8400.
  • Use the orange shade as an accent, e.g. for line separation, emphasis, not as a primary color.
  • Use Lato medium as a font.
  • Use the blue font on summaries or accentuated text. Use just a black font wherever possible for the primary text.
  • In case where lighter shades of colors are required. Go to the Adobe color wheel. Click on “HSB” and adjust the second row. This will only adjust the saturation of a color, not the hue.


  • Dark blue: #003e52
  • Orange: #ff8400


For an example of a brochure that is created using the above styleguide see:


If you need a slide deck for a particular customer, feel free to contact us for your particular needs. Use the template from the following slide deck for example. The deck itself is not just a template, but is about technology saving us time.


If you need a document, there is a template available. Rather than a template that has an ipsem lorum text, it describes our mission, vision, slogan, legacy, and core values.

Styleguide ZIP file

The styleguide contains the following folders:

  • Diagrams: grayscale installation sketches.
  • Icons: for dimming, switching, positioning, etc.
  • Logo: black, transparent svg.
  • Products: pictures of Crownstone plugs, builtin Crownstones, Guidestones, and PCBs.
  • Renders: exploded views and renderings in living room setting.

It can be downloaded here: styleguide visuals (zip, 342 MB).


There is additional material that forms the background of our current design decisions (you will need to ask for access).

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