Asset tracking Business Developer



If you subscribe to our vision that the field of indoor positioning is likely going to be larger than that of outdoor positioning, this role might be a perfect fit for you. You are a self-motivated person who likes to explore the myriad ways in which our technology for pinpointing the position of Bluetooth devices indoors can be leveraged to do asset tracking. The proliferation of Bluetooth devices means that there are many devices that potentially can be tracked or used as tags on top of originally non-trackable items. Working at Crownstone as a business developer means having the opportunity to create strong relationships with big companies around the globe. You’ll explore the market, identify and connect with partners implementing asset tracking for different applications. You manage the contact from the first steps and close the deal, and finally maintain a good relationship with them.




Crownstone’s designs and manufactures products and services for truly smart buildings. Our hardware is very advanced, it’s very energy efficient, comes in a tiny form factor, and is packed with features. Our software and algorithms in the firmware and in the cloud are very advanced as well, from mesh algorithms, recognition of power events, to indoor localization and asset tracking methods. Crownstone can provide asset tracking in a very cost-affordable manner by supporting all kinds of third-party tags. The Crownstone hardware operates as Bluetooth Low Energy scanners and propagates information about tags or assets to hubs and then the wider world. We provide our partners with a very affordable asset tracking system that is seamlessly extended to wearable tracking and beyond.




We are searching for someone with the following profile:

1. You have a background in B2B business development and preferably experience with the market of asset tracking or smart offices or buildings.

2. You understand the B2B customer, their general concerns in this market, be it safety, security, legal, certification as well as their business models.

3. Your language skills in Dutch and English are proficient.

4. HBO and/or a university degree is recommended, but most important is an inquisitive mind.

5. You’ll be available for at least 32 hours per week.


Working environment


Crownstone celebrated its fifth anniversary this year, but still has a very creative atmosphere!

1. You will be directly working with the CEO to make our asset tracking channel a success.

2. You’ll be working in a team with highly educated individuals, from physicians to mathematicians.

3. You’ll have lots of opportunities to come up with your own strategies.

4. Very flexible with respect to work times and where you are working. Whatever works best for you!

5. The office is located next to the Rotterdam Central Station.

working environment