Crownstone also reacts to your voice

When not carrying your smartphone with you, you can simply ask Google or Alexa to turn on the lights for you.


Crownstone integration with Home Assistant allows you to trigger a certain action when a specific user enters or leaves a room!

Integration with Home Assistant

The integration of Crownstone with Home Assistant enables you to personalize your home automation routines even more! Thanks to Home Assistant you can create triggers based on personalized indoor positioning events.

You can create triggers for multiple users.


“If mom and dad leave the kitchen, then turn off the stove, the oven and the kettle.”

You can create triggers for a specific user.


“If Richard enters the living room, then turn on the music.”

Learn more about the integration with Home assistant

Works with Apple Watch!

You can use your Apple Watch to control your Crownstones. You can switch or dim your lights from your gadget.

Integration with Google Home

The integration with Google Home enables you to control your Crownstones with your voice. Useful when you want your Crownstones to do something different from their current behaviour.

If you are in the mood to read a book…


“Hey Google, turn reading lamp on!”

You can include your Crownstones into your Google routines


“Ok Google, Movie Time!”

Learn more about the integration with Google Home

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